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Furnaces have a bad habit of breaking down on some of the coldest days of the year. Or, maybe you’re experiencing a power outage? Either way, there are a few creative ways you can add some heat to your home while you wait for the furnace to be fixed or for the power to come back on. If your situation becomes an emergency, head over to a friend or family member’s house who has power, or the fire department or other emergency officials may be able to help. 

1. Dress in Layers 

Your first step when you’re trying to stay warm should be to preserve as much of your body heat as possible. Put on your comfiest socks, gloves, hats, sweater, and potentially even your coat in order to keep warm. Also, add your favorite warm blankets to the couch or whenever you’ll be sitting. 

2. Section Off the House 

It’s wise to preserve what heat you have in the rooms that you’ll spend the most time in. Close doors to section off other parts of the home. If you can use your oven, it’s best to section off the bedrooms and other spaces from the kitchen and spend your time there. 

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3. Use Your Oven 

If you can still use your oven, it is a great source of heat. We suggest you first bake something warm in it, as getting warm food can raise your temperature and raise your spirits too. Don’t just leave the oven door open but keep it on to keep it pumping heat out. If you want to open up the door, it’s best to turn it off. You can alternate having it on and off too. 

4. Use Hot Water 

Your hot water tank may have warm water left in it even if your power is out. Draw that water and put it into hot water bottles. Wrap them in a cloth and cozy up next to them. If you have a way to keep heating water, maybe on the stove, you can refresh the bottles. 

5. Space Heaters 

Space heaters are a great option to heat a small area and keep you and your family warm if you still have the power to run them. However, you have to be careful not to let them run unattended, as they can be fire hazards. 

6. Fireplaces 

Your wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace should still run even if the power is out. They are a great option to install if you’re worried about what you’ll do during the next power outage. 

Need help with home heating? We can help you find the right heating option for your home, even as a back-up. Many also offer emergency repair services for furnaces and other heating appliances. Contact our team at Ken Philp ClimateCare today.

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