Choosing the best water softener salt for your unit is important to the operation and life expectancy of your water softener. Here we offer our best water softener salt reviews and the best-rated water softener salts to provide an easy water softener salt comparison to find the right one for your needs. 

Types of Salt for Water Softeners 

There are four basic types of salt for water softeners to consider when looking for the best type of water softener salt: 

  1. Sea Salt: This is a natural salt source which is widely available and affordable. It is very pure which reduces the risk of issues such as salt bridges. However, the purity of the product can vary, which means it’s not the purest form of salt.
  2. Rock Salt: Rock salt is also natural and is a mined product. However, because it is removed from mines, it is less pure. It is easy to find, but the least pure which can contribute to both salt bridges and clogs in your brine tank. It is also the least environmentally friendly option due to the mining process.
  3. Potassium Chloride: This is technically not salt but does the job. This is the preferred salt product for people with severely reduced salt intake in their diets. This option is more of a conditioner than a softener so if you have really hard water, it might not be as effective as actual salt products. It is also more expensive.
  4. Evaporated salt pellets: These pellets are refined into pure sodium chloride to create 100% pure salt.

What Is the Best Water Softener Salt? 

Many manufacturers recommend evaporated salt pellets as the best water softener salt. As mentioned, they are the purest due to the distillation process. Salt pellets dissolve easily so they won’t leave troublesome residue behind. Pellets offer the following benefits: 

  • Less stringent brine tank maintenance 
  • Won’t form salt bridges as easily as other types of salt 
  • More efficient operation of your water softener 
  • Prolonged life of your water softener 

The only con to evaporated salt products is the cost. But when you balance this with the lower maintenance and longer life of your system, it helps to pay for itself. 

Best Salt for Water Softener: Pellets or Crystals 

When considering the best salt for water softeners, pellets or crystals, salt pellets are dissolved without residue so there is no clogging or bridging. This means less maintenance, but also contributes more to the price. Salt crystals are more affordable but are mostly recommended for 2-part systems. You should avoid crystals if you have normal to high water usage so you don’t have to contend with bridging. 

Water Softener Salt Brands 

There are a few water softener salt brands including: 

  • Morton: Makes a variety of products, including evaporated salt and potassium chloride. 
  • Diamond Crystal: Comparable to Morton, but also offers a dual-handle bag for easy refills. 
  • Nature’s Own: Ideal for customers who prefer potassium chloride. 
  • Windsor Salt: The most cost-effective brand. 

Water Softener Salt Price Comparison 

As mentioned above, when it comes to water softener price comparisons, Windsor Salt is your best bet. 

Best Water Softener Salt for Well Water with Iron 

If you are looking for the best water softener salt for well water with iron, it’s important to keep in mind this is not the main function of water softeners. So, in this case, it’s not about the salt, but instead about using the right filter to remove the iron from the water. 

Where to Buy Evaporated Salt Pellets 

You can buy evaporated salt pellets from Ken Philp ClimateCare. Reach out to our team today. 

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