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Programmable and smart thermostats can help you maximize the comfort in your home with enhanced climate control settings. Both options may also improve your home’s energy efficiency rating and potentially lower your utility bills.  

Want to know which one is better for your needs? Find out the difference between both types of thermostats below.  

What is a Programmable Thermostat? 

A programmable thermostat allows you to enter preset temperature and humidity settings for your home. For example, you might want to program the thermostat to keep your home cooler than usual while you’re away at work and then to start heating back up just before you come home. 

There are also options for 7-day programmable thermostats, in which you can enter your preset temperature settings for each day of the week to suit you and your family’s needs.  

What is a Smart Thermostat? 

A smart thermostat is similar to a programmable one, but it takes things a step further. Some smart thermostats will learn your behaviour and lower and raise the temperature of your house when you would normally. In addition, smart thermostats can connect to Wi-Fi as well as your smartphone, tablet or computer via an app. Therefore, you can manage your home’s settings remotely from wherever you have internet.  

Smart thermostats also often track your energy usage and optimize their settings to conserve energy. So, with a smart thermostat, you have the chance to save money and the environment! 

Thinking to get a smart thermostat? Reach out to our experts today. 

Which One is Better? 

The better of the two likely depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a simple upgrade from your manual thermostat, then a basic programmable one might be the better choice. Programmable thermostats are also better suited to those that don’t use a smartphone or consider themselves less ‘tech savvy’.  

Generally, we believe smart thermostats are the better choice for most people since they can do everything a programmable thermostat can, plus so much more. If you are already using other smart home appliances and gadgets, then a smart thermostat will fit right into your system. Most importantly, you’ll likely enjoy more smart home energy efficiency benefits with this type of thermostat. 

How to Replace Thermostat with Smart Thermostat   

If you’re thinking of replacing your non-programmable thermostat with something a little more customizable, then you’ll need to prepare for your new set-up. First, you should check that the smart thermostat model you want to use is compatible with your HVAC system. Then, unless you have ample electrical knowledge, you should contact a trusted HVAC technician to install the new thermostat.  

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