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Indoor air quality has a much larger impact on our health than most people imagine. Poor air quality can be a serious issue, causing respiratory infections, breathing problems, and even cancers. It is wise to ensure that your home is free of harmful gases and other contaminants that can cause these issues. Unfortunately, many homes have serious indoor air quality issues. Here are some indoor air quality problems and solutions that you should be aware of. 

Air Purification 

Air purification can remove many contaminants from the air, so it can help with a huge range of indoor air quality problems, including: 

  • Allergies 
  • Other respiratory conditions 
  • Mold growth 
  • Smells 
  • VOCs from furniture and upholstery 
  • Bacteria reduction 
  • Potentially, a reduction in viruses 

When choosing an air purifier, it is important to ensure the model you’re looking at can target the specific concern that you have with your air. HEPA filters can tackle most problems as they can remove more than 99% of particles 0.03 microns or smaller from the air. Still, it’s always a wise idea to look over your choices with your HVAC technician and be sure that the solution you’re getting will actually address your concern. 

Whole-Home Humidifiers 

Winter in Canada is harsh. Humidity levels often drop well below what we find tolerable. Dry eyes, ears, nose and throat may all be the result of low humidity. If you have a respiratory condition, then this lack of humidity can also cause more serious health concerns and exasperate your symptoms. You can use a room humidifier to target your bedroom and you’ll see some success, but a far better option is to use a whole-home humidifier to change the humidity throughout your home. That way, you’ll spend more time at the correct humidity, and you’ll see a bigger reduction in symptoms. 

Close up of dirty vent

Duct Cleaning 

Do you have a lot of dust and allergens blowing around your house? Does it seem like no matter how often you dust and vacuum, your home is dirty again in hours? Duct cleaning is a good solution to solve these problems. Forced air systems that use ducts tend to collect dust and other airborne debris overtime. You can’t reach them to clean them, so they are free to keep blowing their dust through the home. 

You can get a professional to clean them for the best results. They will use special equipment to remove all of the debris hiding in the vent system, leaving you with fresher air. 

Want to learn more about how to tackle the primary air quality issues and get a more comfortable house? Reach out to our team. They can answer your specific questions and help you get a system that will work for your home. 

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